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Lighting Solutions
I do system design, programming, troubleshooting and startups. I work on Lutron Homeworks (Interactive & Illumination) and Radio RA2, Crestron, Square D Clipsal, Lightolier Multiset and LiteTouch.

Lighting Experts

We get the lights on and keep them on. Providing lighting solutions since 2001!

Customer Service

Excellent support and customer service. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!
LiteTouch upgrades with Crestron

Savant announced it will no longer produce or support existing LiteTouch systems after September 2015, leaving LiteTouch customers hanging. Crestron saves the day with lighting solutions allowing for upgrades to existing residential and commercial LiteTouch systems. Advantages to Crestron retrofit options are as follows.

  • Reuse of existing wiring. No holes, drywall repair, or major trauma to your home! We will reuse many wires and no new wiring should be required.

  • Reuse of existing enclosures. Crestron excels on custom solutions to meet the needs of existing applications. Crestron’s upgrade options are module based and DIN rail mounted, making it easy to insert within the existing enclosure, saving labor and material cost.
  • Advanced control options. Enjoy timing control, dimming, and Smart Home capabilities with the Crestron system and Mobile G. Take control of your system with the option to check lighting statuses, make programming changes, and most importantly, control the lighting loads from your Smart device, whether you are traveling or simply reclining at home. Crestron can also control climate, door locks and window coverings.
  • Beautiful wall switches. Crestron’s wall switches will keep your home looking as beautiful as ever, with modern keypads offered in a variety of colors and button configurations.
  • Excellent support and customer service. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority! We have been providing lighting solutions since 2001!
  • Cost. Last but certainly not least, Crestron’s upgrade solutions for existing LiteTouch systems will be less expensive when compared with other options available.
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